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How Fast Can You
Type Pi

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How To

  • Start Game

    Click on the text box with the orange border; the timer starts as soon as you begin typing!

    Click 'Reset' or press 'Shift-Return' to restart the game.

  • Change Number of Digits

    Click the 'Length' dropdown menu located directly below the input box.

  • Type the Symbol Pi (π)

    Alt+227 (On Windows machines)

  • Play

    Type pi as fast as you can without any mistakes!

    This game might seem simple but ends up being tons of fun and a great way to learn all of the number keys on the numpad.

    Its also a great way to memorize the digits of pi!

    How fast can you type pi?

  • "Big Brain" Mode

    How many digits of pi do you have memorized?

Game Features

  • Restart Game Hotkey

    Keep your hands on the keyboard - use keyboard shortcut "Shift-Return" to restart game.

  • Multiple Lengths

    Adjust the number of digits to type - from super short (15 digits) for beginners all the way to Legendary (1000 digits)!

  • Live Statistics

    Shows your typing speed as you play.

  • High Scores

    Compete against yourself and other players with a high score board!

    Scores only last for 12 hours to keep the competition fresh and to discourage cheating.