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Ever wonder how people learn to type so fast? Touch typing is a skill that uses muscle memory developed only through practice. SpeedTypingOnline makes practicing easy and fun - all for free!

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How to Learn to Type:

  • Do Not Look Down at the Keyboard!

    This can not be emphasized enough! Touch typing is a skill that uses muscle memory to know where the keys are without the sense of sight. You can't learn to swim without getting wet; likewise, you can't learn to touch type by looking down at the keyboard. It might be scary and hard at first, but hang in there, and in no time it will become so natural you'll forget the keyboard is even there!

    If you have trouble finding a key resist the urge to look down. Instead, use the onscreen virtual keyboard with orange highlights telling you where the key is and what finger to use. Put a towel over your hands if you still can't resist.

  • Concentrate on Typing Accuracy First

    Concentrate on correct form (using the right fingering, etc.) and accuracy above all else. Speed will be guaranteed through good technique and will come in time by practicing often. Proceeding with an incorrect technique will limit your potential speed in the future.

About this Typing Tutor:

  • Multiple Learning Methods

    Two different typing lesson methods give you more options to choose how you like to learn:

    - The Classic Method

    More direct, focusing only on the new keys and learning by repetition, and then reviewing all learned keys by typing words. The order of learning new keys is arranged by finger, learning the keys typed by the index and middle fingers first followed by the ring and then the pinky fingers.

    - The Row Method

    Makes learning to type fun, focusing on learning by typing carefully selected words that contain large amounts of new letters to learn. The order of learning new keys is arranged by row, learning the middle/home row first, followed by the top row and then the bottom row.

    Try each method to find the one you like best. Or, for best results, use a combination of the two!

  • Create a Custom Typing Lesson!

    Sometimes there are just a few keys you can't seem to remember. Simply click the "Custom Lesson" tab in the left toolbar and enter these problem keys into the textbox. Clicking "Go" will create a custom lesson for these keys, generated into random "words."

  • Multiple Typing Lesson Lengths

    The lesson length dropdown (under the method tabs in the left sidebar) allows you to customize the length of each lesson.

  • Restart Typing Lesson Hotkey

    Keep your hands on the keyboard - use keyboard shortcut "Shift-Return" to restart the typing lesson to help you concentrate and keep your hands in the home position where they belong.

Practice frequently

This free online typing tutor was designed to help you learn to type as fast and easy as possible. Try a few lessons a day and you'll start to notice your fingers naturally move to the right keys. Even if it seems at times that you are making no improvement, keep on working at it and you will learn to type without looking! Remember to take breaks often though - its good for the body and for the learning!